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Hire me

Freelance copywriting, editing, proofing, and filmmaking remotely or in Oxford
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Little Tramp

A 20-second film I made – with my seven-month-old son
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Garden birds illustrations

A few drawings
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New year's resolutions

Every year since 2009 I've set myself resolutions. Here are this year's.
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2013 album

For a year I recorded, edited, produced and shared one piece of music each month.
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Sometimes I take photos of things that I think look nice. And sometimes I share them.
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Booze chart

In an attempt to cut back, I kept track of all the alcohol I guzzled for one year.
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Reading The Bible and The Qur'an

In 2013 I read the two most important books ever written.
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26 book reading challenge

When I moved to Oxford I stopped reading. In 2012 I resolved to start again.
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